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The Blog:

It started as:
A collection of recipes and tips I have managed to scrape up between being gifted grocery bags of cards, many many cookbooks, and my own web-addiction. There are also a few that I made up/altered to my own tastes.
Then I started posting product reviews, and then added menus and then I got addicted to cloth diapers (and exposed to all other things natural, “crunchy” and “green”)… So now it’s more about my journey as a “dependa” or stay at home military wife and mom of two.

Please feel free to try anything and comment about your experience with it! If you decide to share any of the recipes or tips found here, PLEASE link back for credit.


The Author:

An Air Force wife since 2005, I have been married since 2002; and love my Airman very dearly. We welcomed our son in April 2010 and our daughter arrived in May 2013.

We have a black border collie – black Labrador retriever mix dog that getting to be an old man, silver muzzle and all… He is a practical joker, who is hilarious, as he can’t decide to herd or to retrieve =] We also adopted Liberty at the local animal shelter in summer 2008. She is a Rottweiler/German Shepard mix with Cream and chocolate colored with Rottie markings. Her facial expressions are priceless, and I have never seen a more expressive dog. She had a rough start at life; but has blossomed into a wonderful family member since we brought her home. Noir joined us November 2011 through a friend. She is all black, and supposedly a purebred Australian Shepard. However, being a shelter rescue, it doesn’t matter too much.

I am a Scorpio and a Boar according to astrology, and have decided I am not celebrating any more birthdays after 29, that’s old enough to know better, but still to young to care, and I am gonna celebrate that birthday until I can’t anymore, lol. I try to be as honest and straight forward as possible, while keeping a kind mindset towards others.

I tend to dabble a little bit in almost everything, and am lucky enough to have my husband who both tolerates and helps with my gazillion and a half hobbies and interests. I can whip up a meringue, reduce a sauce, install a motherboard, reformat a harddrive, code a website, draw a nature scene, paint cabinet I built, line dance while wearing custom beaded jewelry, sew a stripe after repairing the toilet, and so much more. Just don’t ask me to bake you a pie, or play housekeeper!