Walk like an Animal :: Homeschool

Animal Walks - get the sillies out and learn at the same time.

It’s cold here, like really cold. We finally are warming up slightly, with 0° – 10° this week. It’s been -25° or so for the past month. Makes it hard to want to leave the house; which leads to cabin fever, which leads to crazy kids and stressed out mom.

An easy way to break out of the rut, and burn energy in the process is having the kids go through different modes of walking that exist in the animal kingdom. (this makes a great segue into the mechanics of the animals that cause them to move that way!)


Autumnal Learning – Homeschool

Autumn Learning - {Blessed Light Academia} A unit all about fall ya'll. Corn, pumpkins, apples, and leaves, worksheets, experiments, and treats.

A unit all about fall ya’ll. Corn, pumpkins, apples, and leaves, worksheets, experiments, and treats. 
Fall is my favorite season. All the bugs die off, the leaves are so many different colors, and it finally cools off again. Plus there’s pumpkins, apples, and Halloween! We want to learn continuously as we are still in that phase that everything is so interesting. Here are a few things we are planning for this month:


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