Tips to Improve the Health of your Household

Tips to improve the health of your household

Are you trying to be healthy and prepare your family healthy food? This is great, that you are working on making your family more healthy and feeling better. But sometimes only proper diet and exercise are not enough, if the environment that you live in is toxic. The benefits of the healthy food you eat will be neutralised and will not help your family if your home is, in a way, poisoning you. But do not worry, here you will read a few very easy and helpful tips on how to improve the health of your entire household.

Modeling an Older Style

The Path to a Modest Lifestyle | A book reminding us to dress for god.

Lace 7

This is a review of a novel given to me in exchange for an honest review. Not only do I get to read it; I get to give away a physical copy to one of you guys! Schweet!

The book isn’t terribly long; which to me is a good thing, as it’s a bit out of my comfort zone: fashion and clothes. Amanda wants to show our younger generation that the media’s perception of how females should be dressed is in direct conflict with what the Bible teaches, and she hopes to remind and guide us back into the fold. (I say us, because I too needed the kick in the pants regarding how I dress.) (more…)

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