Brown Butter Riceflower (Cauliflower Rice)

Brown Butter Riceflower (Cauliflower Rice)

Ok, ok, I know. The whole gluten-free paleo food movement isn’t really your thing, and that’s totally fine! I won’t force feed you any particular diet plan or food choices. However, if you are trying to control your blood sugar, rice can be a hidden enemy! Enter: SUPER CAULIFLOWER!

JUST KIDDING! If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s worth the experiment. Ry and I made this on a whim the other night to go along with some bomb Spinach Chicken, and it was so much better than we expected. All 3 kids LOVED it too.


Schnitzel and Spaetzel, a traditional German Dinner

Jäger Hänchen Schnitzel and Kartoffelspätzle - a Traditional German Dinner

Ry’s family is traditionally German, but somewhere along the way, they lost their traditional foods and heritage, so being a homeschooling family, we did some research, and as part of the ‘unit’ we had a traditional German food for dinner! It was a hit.

One of the great things about being an American, is it’s a great melting pot of a bunch of different cultures, foods, and beliefs; but one of the drawbacks, is how easy it is to lose your heritage and keep up with the Joneses. Not saying the old ways are perfect, or that the new ways are wrong; but it’s important to strike that balance and to learn from the past.

Jäger Hänchen Schnitzel and Kartoffelspätzle - A breaded, boneless, skinless breast of chicken, topped with a burgundy-mushroom or a creamy-mushroom sauce.


Macaroni and Cheese Royale

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Royale - better than boxed, comfort food.

Growing up, I didn’t eat Kraft Mac&Cheese. Not unless I was at someone else’s house. My mom couldn’t stand the smell of it and gagged. She ate it all the time as a kid, to the point where it was gross.

So the typical ‘kid comfort food’ wasn’t common in our house, and as an adult, I still am not a huge fan of the boxed stuff, even though they removed a lot of the bad bad stuff recently, it’s still not very good for you. My kids don’t really enjoy the boxed stuff either; they prefer to eat this version with all the veggies and flavor instead!


American Goulash

American Ghoulash - Penny pinching budget dinner in a flash.

Classically American, it’s a knock out form of comfort food, with delicious tomato-infused beef and perfectly cooked pasta.

This goulash is super tasty and perfect for feeding a crowd; plus it’s not one of those fussy meals that takes hours to create. Ask anyone, and their recipe for this meal (AKA: American Chop Suey, Traveling Man’s Hash, Beefaroni, Macaroni and Beef, Chili Mac, Beef and Mac, Slum Gumption, and Kentucky Burgo and my fave: Dogfood) and their secret recipe is going to be different; which is part of the fun of tradition, amiright?


Food and Storage: Long Term and Bulk

Food and Storage: Long Term and Bulk buys can take up a lot of space. But it's helpful to utilize these methods of survival in this day and age.

Foods naturally deteriorate as they age. The science of food storage and preservation has evolved from our attempts to slow that deterioration. The prime concern with shelf life quality of foods is preventing spoilage microorganisms from growing. This is done through food preservation methods (drying, canning, etc.). Oxygen is the next factor. Oxygen catalyzes chemical reactions that lead to rancidity. Rancidity oxidation occurs in fresh, frozen, and dried foods. Removing oxygen in most cases will extend the quality shelf life of foods.




1 ounce anisette
1 ounce white crème de cacao
2 ounces heavy cream
White chocolate shavings, to garnish


Shake the anisette, white crème de cacao and heavy cream in a cocktail shaker with ice.
Strain the contents of the shaker into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with the white chocolate shavings, and serve.

Food and Storage: Pantry

Food& Storage - Stocking a pantry can be a daunting task, this list will help begin that task. A bonus to this list, is a quick run through about bulk storage in the cellar.

If the thought of building a pantry from scratch seems daunting, take comfort in the fact that most are not going to be starting at the very beginning. Lurking in the pantry in your home, probably lies many of the things on this list.

Living at the intersection of broke and busy can be a gastronomical challenge, but cooking on the cheap shouldn’t mean minute rice and beans or buttered pasta every night. Having a well-stocked pantry also allows you to whip up an easy meal in a hurry if you have no other ideas.  The first step to eating well on the cheap is having a well-stocked kitchen. It’s important for anyone, no matter what your living situation, to have most of these staples on hand.


2015 Turkey day

TurkeyDay 2015 - A collection of recipes that fed my family for a great Thanksgiving dinner
Photo Credit: klwebbiz, on Flickr More Pipe Cleaner Crafts
Photo Credit: klwebbiz, on Flickr
More Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Gobble gob gobbie gobbob gobble! (that’s turkey for what is wrong with you, don’t eat me!)
But for real, Happy Thanksgiving! I ADORE Turkey day, it’s something I look forward to all year long, and enjoy so very much. The following is what our family is planning on enjoying this year, and going to have to work off til Christmas dinner, haha!


Bacon Cheeseburger Bake

Bacon Cheeseburger Bake - Savour the flavours of a cheeseburger with your fork! | @Emmmmrz

Ode to a cheeseburger what a wonderful thing
With pickles, onions tomatoes and cheese
I’m easy to please
With its buns and seeds it has no needs
Except to fill you up even if you get stuck
And yell oh shucks!
With its cousin the French fry
It tells no lies
With ketchup in your right
and the last fry in your left
Its just the burger on your plate
It truly is impossible to hate
Matt Karger


Grilled Garden Vegetable Medley Packets

Grilled Garden Vegetable Medley Packets - easy, healthy and almost no cleanup.

Grilling, camping, ‘roughing it’ or just because, these packets make cooking a breeze and clean up a snap. Feel free to exchange ingredients according to taste.
Here is proof that creative side dishes can still be simple, fresh, and delicious, fresh from a smoky grill.


Green Chile Chicken Fajita Enchiladas

Green Chile Chicken Fajita Enchiladas - Up the ante with these amazing enchiladas.

While my enchiladas may not be traditionally accurate; they are absolutely delicious and my most requested meal (especially for Meal Trains) as they are filling, taste better the next day and I always make enough for leftovers. (the recipe below makes more than a single 9 x 13; so be prepared!) (more…)

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Loaded Baked Potato Soup | @Emmmmerz

I found a recipe on Pinterest this afternoon for crockpot soup (I LOVE Crockpots, best invention ever!) But as I went to make it, I found that I would have to tweak it slightly, which I tend to do anyways, as that is why I cook in the first place, to make stuff the way *I* like it.
So I’ve included both the original recipe, and my own version, you’ll have to wait and see how it turns out, as I just threw it together and have to wait for it to cook.


New Years Crockpot Slop

New Years Crockpot Slop - Symbolizing prosperity, Black-eyed peas, popular in the South, represent pennies, while cabbage or leafy greens signify paper currency, and corn signifies gold.

Happy New Years! I hope that so far you have had an amazing time! Do you have any traditions that you follow to bring you good things in the coming year? One of my favorite things to research is different traditions and the reasoning behind them. 

One tradition common in the U.S. is that each person at the meal should leave three peas on their plate to ensure that the New Year will be filled with luck, fortune and romance.

Symbolizing prosperity, Black-eyed peas, popular in the South, represent pennies, while cabbage or leafy greens signify paper currency, and corn signifies gold.

New Years Crockpot Slop - Symbolizing prosperity, Black-eyed peas, popular in the South, represent pennies, while cabbage or leafy greens signify paper currency, and corn signifies gold.


Apple Pie Bread

Apple Pie Bread (YES, it's amazing!) | @Emmmmrz

Ry is a glutton for Apple pie, and this is a definite one to try! Move over apple pie! This bread–with its moist apple flavor and pecan streusel topping–may become the Christmas recipe everyone craves. “A delicious bread that always gets happy faces! Leave the peels on the apples for added taste and color.” Original recipe yield: 1 – 9×5 inch loaf


Califoracado Spifeta Pizza

Well East coast foods are hip
I really dig those styles they eat
And the Southern foods with the way they talk
They knock me out when I’m down there
The Mid-West farmer’s dinners really make you feel alright
And the Northern foods with the way they kick
They keep their boyfriends warm at night
I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California FOODS


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