How to plan a mess-free kids party

Every child dreams of the perfect birthday party with many friends, fun games and tons of delicious food. However, throwing the ideal kids party isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Well, setting up the right strategy will help you avoid all the stress that comes along with such an important for both parents and children event. There are several things to consider if you want to plan a fun, yet mess-free party for the kids.


Where’s the Party? Camping Birthday!

Jam turns 5 today; OMG, how did that flipping happen?!? He is growing into such an amazing man, and I am so blessed to be able to watch him grow and change every day. 😥

Since we are about to move (YAY! FINALLY!!) We decided to skip the party this year (being 9 months preggo helps with that too, lol) and go camping! He’s never really been before so we are all super excited for it. Of course, since he’s the special guest, he gets to choose the meal on his actual day, and being a 5 year old boy, he wants cake and pizza, lol.

Camping Recipe Roundup |

An Artful Birthday

My son turns 3 this week, and I can hardly contain my excitement for his birthday party. We are doing an “Art” theme, which means we will have a bunch of different little art project tables set up as stations for his little friends to move through and get creative.

UntitledI toned down the planning for this year, and am just doing some simple rainbow decorations left over from my baby shower a few weeks ago, along with a printed banner and super simple rainbow hued fruits&veggies + cupcakes and mini pb&j’s served with some juice.

Birthday Photos

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