Bulk up your Blank Book

Bulk up your Blank Book - Ideas to fill up that empty notebook hanging around. And improve your life in the process.

A blank notebook to write in, can be incredibly exciting, all the possibilities and potential. I am one of those that tends to pick them up randomly, just because I love their colors, cover or binding. But sometimes, once I get them home; they get set aside and forgotten; mostly because I am not sure what to fill it up with. Below are ideas for content curated from around the web, hopefully something will spark your interest too.


How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

It’s not always possible for a SAHM to work outside the home, but with Christmas coming up, not every family has the extra cash needed for the craziness that can be the holiday season.
This list is not exhaustive, and considering how many times some of these have been suggested by others, they must be true, however, there might be a hidden nugget listed below that you haven’t been explored yet.

Underchin Exercises

Underchin Exercises - Get rid of your double chin and turkey neck.

I have a turkey neck. It’s genetic. Even when I was a thin teenager I had that chin sag. Now that I’ve gained a bit of weight (oops, pregnancies and depression sure don’t help with that.) it’s gotten to the point that it’s gross.

These are simple and they’ll help you eliminate the problem while strengthening your jaw, neck, and chin muscles. You can perform the following exercises every day, at any time you find convenient. Make sure to relax your chin and mouth muscles before and after every exercise. You can do that by opening and closing your mouth gently, which will loosen the jaw.


Finance Friday – Proactively Pay Off Debt

Financial Friday - Pay Off Debt

A lot of people say they want to pay off debt they’ve accumulated; that they want to be debt free, unshackled from the chains of debt that hold them down. But most don’t follow through with it. Procrastination is the enemy. I’m not just talking about paying off debt here – procrastination is the enemy of everything worth anything in life.

It can be overwhelming thinking about paying off your debt. I mean, we’re talking about a commitment that will likely take years here (if you are like most people in the U.S. today who have an average of $5,700 in credit card debt alone, according to research done by Value Penguin). However, worrying about the debt, fretting over it day after day is not going to help you. Being proactive about paying off your debt will help.

Texas 42 Dominoes

Domino Games - Texas 42; rules, scoring and variations. Dominoes can be a great teaching tool!

Do you know that Dominoes can be a teaching tool? Well, almost anything can be a teaching tool, haha.

By infusing a learning frame of mind when playing with your kids you can teach them much more efficiently and create precious memories at the same time.

Texas 42, is a trick-taking game played with a standard set of double six dominoes. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach seven “marks” or 250 points. Typically, it is played by four people, in teams of two each, who sit facing each other across the table. The game consists of a number of hands (a maximum of 13 hands when playing for marks). (more…)

Random facts: Food

Random Facts about food: Some random facts for that winning Jeopardy round

Do you ever daydream of going on the TV game show Jeopardy? I do, we love to watch it along with dinner (I know, TV and dinner aren’t a good mix!) But I feel slightly better when Jam randomly tells me a bit of knowledge he could have only gleaned from an episode last week. Plus, watching Wheel of Fortune helps with letter recognition and word building…

Anyways, here are a few interesting facts about food that you might find interesting as I did.


Ideas on how to use old/sour/slightly spoiled milk

Spoiled Milk - ideas on how to use it up | @Emmmmerz www.emmmmerz.comIt happens to almost everyone, that milk you bought went bad before you could use it. -sigh- Now what? As long as the milk isn’t spoiled and chunky, you can still use it for a few different things. In the footnotes of the recipes, the instructions declare that to sour the milk you should add one tablespoon of vinegar to a cup of milk. That is clabbered milk, not sour milk, in my opinion. Then again, one could argue that what we are talking about isn’t sour milk, but soured milk. Don’t use the stuff that makes the milk jug bulge and has chunks in it.

If your sour milk tastes or smells unpleasant to you, then you should simply toss it. Sometimes “good” bacteria will have inoculated the milk and the result will be a tangy, yogurtlike flavor. Other times, bacteria that produce unpleasant flavors will have gotten the upper hand, and when this happens, it’s too late to salvage your milk. If you decide the milk in your refrigerator smells OK and is all right to keep, one traditional thing to do with (slightly) sour milk is make pudding. You can also use sour milk in cream sauces — you could try making enchiladas in a creamy, cheesy sauce, or bake a chicken breast or fish fillet with milk and herbs poured over it.

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