Bulk up your Blank Book

Bulk up your Blank Book - Ideas to fill up that empty notebook hanging around. And improve your life in the process.

A blank notebook to write in, can be incredibly exciting, all the possibilities and potential. I am one of those that tends to pick them up randomly, just because I love their colors, cover or binding. But sometimes, once I get them home; they get set aside and forgotten; mostly because I am not sure what to fill it up with. Below are ideas for content curated from around the web, hopefully something will spark your interest too.


Texas 42 Dominoes

Domino Games - Texas 42; rules, scoring and variations. Dominoes can be a great teaching tool!

Do you know that Dominoes can be a teaching tool? Well, almost anything can be a teaching tool, haha.

By infusing a learning frame of mind when playing with your kids you can teach them much more efficiently and create precious memories at the same time.

Texas 42, is a trick-taking game played with a standard set of double six dominoes. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach seven “marks” or 250 points. Typically, it is played by four people, in teams of two each, who sit facing each other across the table. The game consists of a number of hands (a maximum of 13 hands when playing for marks). (more…)

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