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Currently :: April 2016

Currently :: April 2016
This entry is part 4 of 10 in the series Currently

A new month means that it’s time for another Currently. April’s prompts from Anne and Jenna are: making, wishlisting, cleaning, posting, and tasting.
Currently Choosing Happy‘s prompts are: walking, laughing, wondering, enjoying, devouring, and choosing.

Making: Plans, lots and lots of plans. We are really trying to work off that debt that has been sneaking up on us. (Although I will be making a cake or cupcakes or something yummy for Jam’s birthday in just a few weeks!)

Wishlisting: Ugh, Amazon wishlists are evil. They have everything, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the consumerism of it all. I do have some books I want to get Jam for his birthday, and the two bigs want new bikes as their birthday presents this year.

Cleaning: I am cleaning out the negativity in my life. I want to be happier in my day to day, so I am unfollowing anything and anyone that is a drag. I am also ‘cleaning up’ my daily schedule to be more active, no more dependapotomus on the sofa!

Posting: I am participating in the AtoZ challenge (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and trying to post every day (on two blogs nonetheless) is ridiculously harder than I thought it would be. Wish me luck!

Tasting: I have been on a major chips and salsa kick lately, not sure what the deal is, but the saltier the chips the better! Maybe I need to check my vitamin intake and see if I am missing something.

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Walking: An article popped up in my feed repeatedly this past week; about how this time of a mom’s life can be a hard and lonely march through the day. And seeing it pop up so many times, I had to actually read it. It’s so reassuring to see that I am not the only one struggling with the incessant happy chatter about nothing that I try to listen to, but end up shutting out after awhile; or the constant back and forth in sibling attitudes (cats and dogs one second; bffs the next.) And I know there will be days that I miss this stage; but it’s ok to be frustrated with it now.

Laughing: Jam and Lea have reached that stage where they make up games with each other, ones that Ry and I just don’t understand; but it has them busting up, and I LOVE hearing that sound, it gives me the best feeling in the world. Both Jam and Lea are little comedians, and know that if they can make us laugh, they get out of trouble; so there is a lot of laughter at this house.

Wondering: I can’t help myself sometimes. Trying out those little side paths that I’ve passed by. What if I hadn’t dated Ry? What if I had enlisted in the Army instead of him in the USAF? What if we’d gotten pregnant right after getting married? What if we’d had a miscarriage somewhere along the way? What if I’d stayed in the workforce instead of being a SAHM? (I think this is a reflection of my depression, I try not to dwell on much of this often, but sometimes it grabs me and pulls me under the dark murky stink to view the ‘could haves’)

Enjoying: The snow finally melting away and bringing the longer days with it. I love Alaska (I never would have thought I would say that when we left here the first time) But around the end of February, it can be a little hard to believe that the cold and snow will EVER end. I don’t think it’ll be warm enough to play outside too much very soon, but it’s obviously on it’s way.

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Devouring: The daily giggles of my children. They are truly gifts from God and I am so blessed to have been given the charge of raising them. They test me, love me, challenge me, amuse me, and love me in the way only children can. I can only pray that I am doing right by them and that they chase after God in their own lives.

Choosing: Priorities. It can be so difficult to pick and select what things need my attention, which need it right now, and what is stuff that can be delegated, put-off, or just ignored. Being a mom is hard. And this is just one aspect of the job. I sometimes wish that I had the whole devil/angel shoulder thing or even the drivers in my head to help make decisions.

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So what are you currently up to?

A new month means that it’s time for another Currently. This link up is a regular look into the author's daily life and thoughts.
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