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Currently :: December 2016

Currently :: December 2016

A new month means that it’s time for another Currently. Month’s prompts from Anne are: doingenjoyingcookingwrapping, and playing.
I am going to join in on Gretchen and Kristin‘s link up called “What’s New With You?” which is more or less the same concept as ‘Currently’. Their prompts are more of a status check-in which will be good for accountability for me.

Doing: Lots and lots of Advent Christmas stuff. We have something planned for every day til Christmas, and then we’ll have our Wandering Wisemen every night until Epiphany (rather than last year as part of the lead up to Christmas, we’ll follow the Real Wisemen’s journey which started the night Christ was born)

Enjoying: Lapbooks. Did you know how much fun lapbooks are? I’ve seen them around for ages, but hadn’t actually gotten around to making any until lately; and me and the kids are really loving them. I will be adding the ones we’ve done to the blog soon.

Cooking: Lots of slow cooker soups. It’s been cold for over a month here in Alaska, and the snow is getting to me. Luckily the kiddos like the soups as much as I do. We had a very frugal thanksgiving this year, as our spending on Christmas got out of control; so when Ry’s squadron gifted us a Turkey basket, we decided to use just the food out of that rather than what I had been planning ):

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Wrapping: So you know how family asks for a wishlist for your kids? What is the point of that list if they don’t buy anything actually off of it? /endrant I have presents from the grand’s I need to wrap, and some to put under the tree. We are building them a custom play kitchen this year, and family is buying accessories for it 😀

Playing: Lots and lots of Christmas music. And learning games. Jam is on the razor thin edge of reading, he is fighting it because he’s frustrated.

– – – –

Last Month Recap:

Blogwise: Had a random day that my blog views were 75 in one day! Yay! (little, I know, but exciting.) But since then, it’s been under 20 a day, which is saddening. I am having a hard time balancing things; as usual, haha.

Real life: IT’S CHRISTMAS SEASON NOW! For some reason, I really wasn’t feeling Thanksgiving this year. Not sure what the deal is. Might be my depression rearing it’s ugly head, as usually Turkey Day is my jam. But as usual, we spent Black Friday pulling out the Christmas decor and setting up the tree. (We don’t decorate til the 1st though.)

Exercise: It’s hard to get the motivation to exercise, so yet again, this was not a priority. I just realized that I have out fattened all of my clothes, so there is a definite need for me to actually get on the ball and lose weight.

Diet: Given that Van has developed a tomato sensitivity, my meals have been a little more difficult to imagine, as I rely on tomatoes to stretch food quite often. His sensitivities has definitely been a pain in the rear to adjust to. Otherwise, we have been doing better about eating at home and healthier food.

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House: So this is very consumerish of me, but I *LOVE* decorating for Christmas, it’s my favorite thing about the season. (Well, other than drawing closer to Christ through daily devotionals this month of course) 
We have been luck so far to not have too much snow; but this weekend we got dumped on, and the porches needed shoveled, and the driveway needs plowed/blowed/whatever. We had planned on getting a snow blower, but it didn’t pan out.

Goals: I want to focus on being more ‘present’ during the day when my kids are awake. And to get better about keeping a schedule during the day should help with that. I won’t be super strict about it, but I do want to add a bit more structure to our days. (It should help with my depression as well)

/ / / / / / /

Anne hosts a “Currently” monthly link up with 5 words to describe what the writer is doing at that moment in their lives. The linkup occurs on the first Wednesday of each month if you’d like to join in (: Gretchen and Kristin‘s link up called “What’s New With You?” is a monthly link up that encourages bloggers to update everyone on their lives, outside of what they would normally write on their blogs.

We can make new friends & encourage each other in this thing we call “Life”. Please join in!
So what are you currently up to?

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