Currently :: November 2016

Currently :: November 2016
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A new month means that it’s time for another Currently. Month’s prompts from Anne are: discoveringcelebratingstartingwearing, and googling.

I am going to join in on Gretchen and Kristin‘s link up called “What’s New With You?” which is more or less the same concept as ‘Currently’. Their prompts are more of a status check-in which will be good for accountability for me.

Discovering: How much I miss my friends at our last station. We have been here for over a year, and I have yet to make a friend that I would want to see every day. 

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Celebrating: Another trip around the sun. For the next 6 weeks, Ry and I are the same age again. 

Starting: To combine blogs. I run 3 different sites, and it’s just not working. I need to consolidate so I can conquer the interwebz! 

Wearing: Lots of pajamas. October was a rough month; I caught some virus going around that really knocked me down. 

Googling: Ideas for posts for the different categories I plan to reorganize Emmmmerz into. 

– – – –

Last Month Recap: Blogwise, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I sort of participated in Blogtober, but wasn’t as involved as I meant to be. No energy for extra stuff when you have a hard time breathing.

Exercise: The kids and I are utilizing Youtube as our morning routine, we say pledges, read a bible verse, refresh with learning songs; and then try a new exercise video each day. 

Diet: My stomach has been hurting if I step out of line with what I eat; and Ry had a PT test (That was more important than usual since a screw up last year). So our food has been better than it had been over the summer. Getting back into cooking almost every night after being sick. Bleh.

House: Slowly but surely we are settling in and getting things put in better order. We have been purging, and my #woahdesk sold this month, very bittersweet. 

Goals: for November I want to get the transition of my other two blogs into this one complete; get the basement completely organized in the house, and enjoy Thanksgiving. 

/ / / / / / /

Anne hosts a “Currently” monthly link up with 5 words to describe what the writer is doing at that moment in their lives. The linkup occurs on the first Wednesday of each month if you’d like to join in (:
Gretchen and Kristin‘s link up called “What’s New With You?” is a monthly link up that encourages bloggers to update everyone on their lives, outside of what they would normally write on their blogs.

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We can make new friends & encourage each other in this thing we call “Life”. Please join in!
So what are you currently up to?

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