Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame
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Have you got one of thos digital photo frames laying around the house? Mine was dark, unused, and dusty, until I figured out something else to use it for! Below I’ve listed a few ideas, and would LOVE to add yours to the list!

Digital Photo Frame Revival |

  • Use the frame as a calming, relaxing environmental aid. Upload pictures of nature into it and upload mp3 tracks of nature sounds: a small, gurgling creek or the roaring ocean. Bringing more nature into your life brings clarity of the mind.
  • Rotating favorite biblical verses.
  • Fill it with photos of scans of all your instruction manuals in the house and throw the paper ones away.
  • Your favorite motivational quotes.
  • Use it as a digital ‘Mood Board’ Rotating through your interests will help spark your interest and creative thinking too!
  • The never ending list of To-Do/Honey-Do items.
  • Upload videos of deep sea/coral reef exploration and use it as a virtual aquarium.
  • Calendars: daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Hook it up during a party after loading it up with optical illusions, favorite art pieces or even music videos.
  • Keep track of those Upcoming events with a slideshow each frame showing a different event’s address, time and date.
  • Display on your coffee table as a conversational piece; choose controversial photos you are passionate about.
  • Use it to memorize stuff: flashcards that never stop!
  • Add photos of ‘inside cupboards’ and other places in the home so that guests can see where things are, and also where they go when they’re done with the item. It helps them help themselves, without the nagging.
  • If you’re not worried about spilling things on, use it as a recipe book.
  • Your current goals in photos (debt payoff, new car, house, vacation, etc).
  • Have a Powerpoint presentation greet your guests at the office front desk. Advertise what your company does for your customers.
  • Add nursery rhymes and soothing night time images in use as a ‘sound machine’ in your child’s bedroom.
  • Choose images that represent your child’s chores and the time they are due (a clock face, with a real clock nearby).
  • For Halloween you could choose a normal photo and slowly have it fade into something spooky, then snap back.
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