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Love Letter

Hey you!
Did you know that Christ Loves YOU?
And I’d like to as well.

Back before the Interwebz became a veritable hive of social networking, folks used to subscribe to things called “newsletters” in order to get regular information from the organizations, authors, bands, sites, news, etc., that they were interested in. Do you remember those days?! I used to get and read tons of newsletters.
Then came StumbleUpon and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and Pinterest and Google Plus and Reddit…. And dude… there’s so much stuff online, and it’s soooo prevalent, I just can’t take it anymore!!

*Lightbulb* Hey, maybe folks might like newsletters again? You know, just in case you’re burnt out on social media (like me) and don’t have time to follow the blog all over the internet!

Once a month or so I send out a love letter to my friends list, and I’d love to add you.
In this letter I usually include some exclusive freebies you can’t find anywhere else.

Join my free newsletter by entering your name & email in the box below.

If you’re all over that social media stuff and lovelovelove tweeting/tumblring/etc., don’t worry, the newsletter is for you too! I include some special newslettery news just for subscribers, along with some exclusive freebies. Things personal secrets that I would never reveal to the internet as a whole, but is safe to share with my love letter friends in their email inboxes! 

Thank you for  joining my cult signing up for my love letter. You won’t regret it! (And if you do, due to U.S. law you may unsubscribe at any time. I pinky promise won’t be mad!)