Emergency Kitchen Substitutions

Food & Storage: Emergency Kitchen Substitutions - an easy list for that moment of panic when you are missing something!

Do you ever find yourself all geared up and ready to make a favorite recipe but then discover you’re staring at an empty container of a needed ingredient? Ugh. You don’t want to run out to the store right now. So what do you do?
Well, that’s when emergency kitchen substitutions come in handy. I’ve printed out the following list and keep a copy taped to the inside of my pantry door at all times.
Although these substitutions will work in a pinch, I don’t recommend always substituting ingredients in your recipes. The recipes will technically work with substitutions, but often the finished product won’t be exactly the same as when you use the original ingredients called for in the recipe.

Mashed Potatoes Gourmet

Mashed Potatoes Gourmet - Let these potatoes make you famous. The recipe can be our secret.
Crock Pot 'Boiling'
I ‘boiled’ the yukons in the crockpot this year, and it worked wondefully, freeing up some time to relax (and blog!)
Mashed Potatoes Gourmet - Let these potatoes make you famous. The recipe can be our secret.

Around here, I am known for these potatoes, and killer gravy. Which makes sense, as those are my favorite foods.
I do get asked what it is about my recipe that makes it special, and to be honest; the kind of potatoes used makes a huge difference. Russet is the traditional type, and while I won’t slam them; I prefer Yukon Gold Potatoes for a few different reasons.
Another ‘point of contention’ between mashed tater recipes is the consistency. Completely smooth? Thick and chunky? Should they be almost pudding like, or thicker like a good bloc of whipped cream?

No matter what your style is, I believe almost everyone can agree that mashed potatoes is one of the best carbs on the planet.


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