Macaroni and Cheese Royale

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Royale - better than boxed, comfort food.

Growing up, I didn’t eat Kraft Mac&Cheese. Not unless I was at someone else’s house. My mom couldn’t stand the smell of it and gagged. She ate it all the time as a kid, to the point where it was gross.

So the typical ‘kid comfort food’ wasn’t common in our house, and as an adult, I still am not a huge fan of the boxed stuff, even though they removed a lot of the bad bad stuff recently, it’s still not very good for you. My kids don’t really enjoy the boxed stuff either; they prefer to eat this version with all the veggies and flavor instead!


American Goulash

American Ghoulash - Penny pinching budget dinner in a flash.

Classically American, it’s a knock out form of comfort food, with delicious tomato-infused beef and perfectly cooked pasta.

This goulash is super tasty and perfect for feeding a crowd; plus it’s not one of those fussy meals that takes hours to create. Ask anyone, and their recipe for this meal (AKA: American Chop Suey, Traveling Man’s Hash, Beefaroni, Macaroni and Beef, Chili Mac, Beef and Mac, Slum Gumption, and Kentucky Burgo and my fave: Dogfood) and their secret recipe is going to be different; which is part of the fun of tradition, amiright?


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