Wild Women Wednesday :: Adrienne

#WWW - Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Wednesday is a monthly interview with amazing military mama bloggers. The goal is to connect more with the blogosphere and get to know more of my ‘coworkers’. Really build *my* community.

Meet Adrienne, a recovering people-pleaser and a lover of all things chocolate. She has been blogging for about four years. She has been married to her husband Peter for over 16 years, and they have three beautiful children. Her husband will retire from the Air Force in the spring.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The Prayer of the Airman’s Wife

Make clear my airman’s path of victory,
That it is sure and swift.
Grant him strength of spirit and body,
That he may defeat each enemy.
Give him vision to see his duty,
That it is done as it should be.
And grant him comfort and peace,
That he may know his work is just.

But most of all, Lord, keep him safe,
That he may soon return –
To the family, country, and freedom
That his courage protects.

God bless America and
God bless my Airman!

Wild Women Wednesday :: Kara

#WWW - Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women Wednesday is a monthly interview with amazing military mama bloggers. The goal is to connect more with the blogosphere and get to know more of my ‘coworkers’. Really build *my* community.

Our second installment features Kara; whom I met through a military blogger networking group on Facebook. Kara used to be the Green Mtn Girl (who I actually had followed some time ago! Small world) but has since evolved into The Hippy MilSpouse. While we haven’t met in person (and maybe never will) I do feel that Kara and I are supposed to be friends (CREEPER ALERT!) So I had a little bit of an ulterior motive when I asked to interview her.


Military Spouse Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Wife do not be Afraid


God was watching a military wife one day as she sat in her bathroom crying quietly to herself so her children could not hear.

He stood behind her and said Military wife do not be scared.
I am always behind you your heartache I share.
Do not be afraid to tell the ones you love
that your soldier may or may not be watching you from above.
You are tired I know but do not be afraid
to tell your soldier after his long hard rough day.
Do not hide inside all the fears that you feel
Your soldier he will listen and your heart he will heal.
He thinks of you more than you think of him.
He loves you so dearly, his heart you did win
He wants you to know as he cries alone
That you make his life, his pride and his home.
Military wife you are not alone
when you say to your children that daddy will not come home.
He is with me at last
and I care for him always
but his love for you lasts and with you it will stay
He will watch over you daily and at noon and at night
He will kiss your head gently even when he’s out of sight
Military wife do not cry, I am here
I am holding you hand, and I swallow your fear
And with that the wife got up on her feet. And although she didn’t hear god speak to her. She was alright.

Author: Janelle Cabrera

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Prayer for Military Spouses

Eternal God,
We thank you for the significant relationships that are such an important part of life, especially those we share within our own families. Help us to strengthen these relationships by our sensitivity to each other and by our willingness to practice patience, understanding, and forgiveness within our homes.

Give us the strength to face the daily challenges and sacrifices that are part of the life style we experience within the military community. May we develop a balanced outlook on life and a deep commitment to each other, though the encouraging touch, the understanding smile, and the many small acts of kindness.

May we give generously of ourselves to the noble causes that are so important to our world, our nations, and our communities. Enable us to become totally dedicated to the sanctity of marriage and the health of our families, which serve as the foundation of society.

We offer this prayer in gratitude for all the blessings of the past and with hope in that which awaits us in the future. In your name we pray,


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