How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

It’s not always possible for a SAHM to work outside the home, but with Christmas coming up, not every family has the extra cash needed for the craziness that can be the holiday season.
This list is not exhaustive, and considering how many times some of these have been suggested by others, they must be true, however, there might be a hidden nugget listed below that you haven’t been explored yet.

Finance Friday – Proactively Pay Off Debt

Financial Friday - Pay Off Debt

A lot of people say they want to pay off debt they’ve accumulated; that they want to be debt free, unshackled from the chains of debt that hold them down. But most don’t follow through with it. Procrastination is the enemy. I’m not just talking about paying off debt here – procrastination is the enemy of everything worth anything in life.

It can be overwhelming thinking about paying off your debt. I mean, we’re talking about a commitment that will likely take years here (if you are like most people in the U.S. today who have an average of $5,700 in credit card debt alone, according to research done by Value Penguin). However, worrying about the debt, fretting over it day after day is not going to help you. Being proactive about paying off your debt will help.

Hello GlowHost!

Again, I’ve had to change hosts. Not sure how some hosting companies think that it’s ok to charge up the patootie if you actually renew with them…
Nope, not paying twice as much for half as much product, and there not being any customer service in the mix.
Nope. Nada. Not happening.

Anyways, we have just snuggled into our new hosting contract with GlowHost, and have been actually contacted by a REAL person that speaks English as a first language! I was so happy to speak with someone I could actually understand, and not just a ticket service. (hint hint competitors!)

I get a bonus if you sign up using my referral link, so check them out if you are looking, I used a promo code (SWIFT50) that gave me half off their pricing, so got a year free!

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