The Guy Behind the Blog :: October 2016

The Guy Behind the Blog - Ry tells as much as we can squeeze out of him.

Once a month I talk about what’s going on in my life at that moment with Currently posts, and then the kids get a monthly post where they get to shine; this post is where Ry gets to take over for a day each month. Hosted by Betsy and Laura, TGBTB linkup is on the last Thursday of each month if you’d like to join up too! (They have since ended the linkup..) Plus it means I get to spotlight this amazing man I have been blessed to share my life with for the past 15 years 😉 (more…)

Favorite Christmas Songs – Twas the Week of Christmas

Youtube Christmas PlayList

Youtube Christmas PlayListTwas the Week of Christmas, and all through the house,
there was chaos, malarky, and a screaming spouse.
But even through all of that, a blog post was coming,
as a challenge, a promise, keyboard keys drumming.

Hosted by a fellow Peony Kimberly,
Emma stretched her fingers quite nimberly.
Regular posting was not a strength,
But we’re on the same wavelength.

Favorite Christmas Songs

Smexy Walkman Slider Phone

So yea; it’s uber smexy; and refurbished; so cheap. And Ry is gonna get the BlackJackII phone; so he can use it when he deploys this fall. Our contract is finally up; so we get to have local numbers; hopefully AT&T won’t ask for a deposit again; but you never know. We are both really excited as our current cell phones are both in need of either TLC or a headstone. (more…)

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