My ‘Guest Room’ Apology

The Guest Room Apology From Your Mama Friend

I’m part of a few ‘Mommy Groups’ over on Facebook, and occassionally I come across some amazing posts. The following post as an open letter to a dear friend about her guest room was shared in the Bringing Up the Littles by Allison Wilson Wright; and she gave me permission to share it with you. She captures the changes in friendship and life that having children can have, and I love her way with words and the delicate story she shares.

Some of my Favorite Products for Infants

Time for the second installment of my favorite baby store products! Babies require stuff. Sometimes lots of stuff.
The following is a few items for the infant stage that has been used with all 3, or I wish I’d had before I did. (Keep in mind, each item is going to have a referral link, which just means that at no cost to you, you can help support the blog! Yay!)

How I broke down my lists:
Pregnancy (duh)
Newborn (0-2mos)
Baby/Infant (2-12Mos)
Toddler (12-24mos)
Preschooler (2-4years)
** some preemies might be better categorized based on their “adjusted age”.

Infinitely Infants

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