After Kids, ‘Well Rested’ is a Myth.

‘Well Rested’ is a Myth

At the beginning, individuals comprehend that bringing new life brings weariness. Individuals inquire as to whether the infant is sleeping through the night, as though that is the mysterious key to them feeling like completely human again. In any case, each parent knows, it is most certainly not. I’m entirely certain that moms never feel like fully functional human beings again. Perhaps they simply change the meaning of what “Cognizant” means, which no longer infers anything firmly identified with “rested”. Here’s the reason:


How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

How a SAHM can earn Christmas Money

It’s not always possible for a SAHM to work outside the home, but with Christmas coming up, not every family has the extra cash needed for the craziness that can be the holiday season.
This list is not exhaustive, and considering how many times some of these have been suggested by others, they must be true, however, there might be a hidden nugget listed below that you haven’t been explored yet.

Child-Free isn’t a slap in the Face…

Moms need female friends; and Child-Free can be the best kind...

Why Moms shouldn’t shame Child Free Women, but instead Embrace them as Friends

I have a few friends that want nothing to do with motherhood. And that is awesome. Everything in life is a choice, and reproducing is one of those choices. Being a mother is one of my favorite things in my experience. I LOVE everything (well, mostly, haha) about being a mom. I love being pregnant, the birthing process, and most especially shaping these blessings into a person that will improve the world.


31 Things about me

It’s my birthday again! Birthday’s are very important to me, I take them as a reminder of why I am so thankful for the person and their part in my life. For my own I like to reflect on what makes me, me, and how to improve that me. Here are random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

  1. I had a cat growing up, she was 20 when she died in 2007.
  2. I love chocolate, coffee, and mashed potatoes…separately.
  3. I used to want to change my name; but grew to love how unique it is (Well, was. Emma made top 10 girl names since 2002).
  4. I tend to wear my levi’s to death, and hate to part with them.
  5. I adore reading…and will stay up all night with a cliffhanger.
  6. Purple is my all time fave color, especially lavender (scent too).
  7. I have a black thumb, and have killed every plant I have tried to keep.
  8. I don’t like apple pie, cheesecake, orange juice, or toffee.
  9. If you pull up beside me in my car, I am probably singing along with the radio.
  10. One of my nicknames is Tigger.
  11. Happy bunny always makes me smile.
  12. As does Grumpy Cat.
  13. I have bad knees.
  14. And am a very reliable weather vane.
  15. Ry calls me CDO (it’s like OCD, but alphabetized).
  16. I pretend to be artistic, and sometimes succeed.
  17. Our current duty station has brought out my craftastic side.
  18. I refuse to EVER drunk/tipsy drive, and do my damnedest to stop others from doing so.
  19. Don’t understand serious celebrity crushes.
  20. Can be rather vain about my hair.
  21. Makeup is more work than I am willing to put towards my appearance 99% of the time.
  22. All 4 of us (Ry, Jam, Lea and me) were born on a Monday.
  23. Car seat safety is incredibly important to me, and seeing kids not being protected by their parents gives me anxiety.
  24. Country linedancing is a great workout and I really miss going every week.
  25. I don’t really follow astrology/tarot/etc but it fascinates me nonetheless.
  26. I still try to learn something new every day, if nothing else it encourages my son’s thirst for knowledge.
  27. Brutally honest and lacking in sympathy.
  28. I HATE exercising for execising sake. Give me a to do list with some good old fashioned hard work any day!
  29. Parents that don’t do their own research on as much as possible for their kids drive me batty.
  30. I don’t do ‘drama’
  31. Reality TV is trash, mainstream news is biased, and society needs to read more.

Hello GlowHost!

Again, I’ve had to change hosts. Not sure how some hosting companies think that it’s ok to charge up the patootie if you actually renew with them…
Nope, not paying twice as much for half as much product, and there not being any customer service in the mix.
Nope. Nada. Not happening.

Anyways, we have just snuggled into our new hosting contract with GlowHost, and have been actually contacted by a REAL person that speaks English as a first language! I was so happy to speak with someone I could actually understand, and not just a ticket service. (hint hint competitors!)

I get a bonus if you sign up using my referral link, so check them out if you are looking, I used a promo code (SWIFT50) that gave me half off their pricing, so got a year free!

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