Child-Free isn’t a slap in the Face… Parenting

Child-Free isn’t a slap in the Face…

Child-free women make some of the very best friends. They (either intentionally or not) remind us that not every moment of our lives will be about motherhood. Eventually the little ones will fly out of the nest and grow up. Mamas, it is imperative to keep that mind. Our children will not be with us forever, and SHOULDN’T be. Our job is to help shape them into the powers of the next generation. The leaders of the future.

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What the hell happened…

I had a really long day, followed by a very hurtful and unpleasant evening. So take this as a rant, and realise I don’t usually speak out so vehemently against things.
My husband’s squadron had a function thi week, and in my opinion, failed miserably. Getting together to make sushi souunds fun right? Not so much.

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