Macaroni and Cheese Royale

Baked Macaroni and Cheese Royale - better than boxed, comfort food.

Growing up, I didn’t eat Kraft Mac&Cheese. Not unless I was at someone else’s house. My mom couldn’t stand the smell of it and gagged. She ate it all the time as a kid, to the point where it was gross.

So the typical ‘kid comfort food’ wasn’t common in our house, and as an adult, I still am not a huge fan of the boxed stuff, even though they removed a lot of the bad bad stuff recently, it’s still not very good for you. My kids don’t really enjoy the boxed stuff either; they prefer to eat this version with all the veggies and flavor instead!


An Artful Birthday

My son turns 3 this week, and I can hardly contain my excitement for his birthday party. We are doing an “Art” theme, which means we will have a bunch of different little art project tables set up as stations for his little friends to move through and get creative.

UntitledI toned down the planning for this year, and am just doing some simple rainbow decorations left over from my baby shower a few weeks ago, along with a printed banner and super simple rainbow hued fruits&veggies + cupcakes and mini pb&j’s served with some juice.

Birthday Photos

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