Daily Blog Post Themes

Daily Blog Post Themes

Sometimes my writing stalls. Ok, who am I kidding, I stall out all the time. Especially since moving almost all my recipes to Dimpled Kitchen, which cut a lot of out of what I was planning on writing here. I am slowly getting back into the personal side of blogging, and sharing (safely) parts of our lives, hoping to help others going through or about to go through some of the same things.

The ideas below are here to help break through writers block, and maybe make it easier to link up to Blog Hops to gain more exposure and interact with other bloggers.


2016 Mood Board

MOODBOARD 2016 | www.emmmmerz.com @Emmmmerz

A mood board is a place where you pull together visual elements, words, and images that will help you create content for a specific audience/purpose. In design, we use them to direct our brand identity designs, such as logos, business cards, websites, etc.
This post will be my defining and inspirational draw for posts for the year.

MOODBOARD Emmmmerz 2016

What would you like to see from the blog this year?

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