2016 Mood Board

MOODBOARD 2016 | www.emmmmerz.com @Emmmmerz

A mood board is a place where you pull together visual elements, words, and images that will help you create content for a specific audience/purpose. In design, we use them to direct our brand identity designs, such as logos, business cards, websites, etc.
This post will be my defining and inspirational draw for posts for the year.

MOODBOARD Emmmmerz 2016

What would you like to see from the blog this year?

5 years later.

CalendarToday I logged onto my blog to find it had been hacked.

Not exactly the thing I was expecting, and to be honest it rather hurt. A lot. I have never been a regular and dedicated blogger, but I still have invested quite some time into my blog, and to find ALL of it gone was not a good feeling.

Rather than uploading an outdated backup, I think I am going to start anew, and work on sticking to a posting pattern. I am going to back date posts to when I first started on this site, so expect to see some new posts with a huge gap and some old posts.

I plan on following the schedule listed and adding the content saved back onto the site slowly:

  • Sunday : Blogs
  • Monday : Menus
  • Tuesday : Tips/Gadgets
  • Wednesday : Woman of Christ
  • Thursday : Green Living or Blog of the week/Guest Blogger
  • Friday : Foody (recipe)
  • Saturday : *Special* Recipe(healthy, specific diet, etc) AND Sensational Saturdays

So, here’s to new beginnings…

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