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The Circle :: March 2016

The Circle :: March 2016

The Circle is a monthly link-up that was born with dreams of creating a place for bloggers to get to know one another just a little bit better and to make new friends. Hosted by Kiki at ‘In It’s Time‘ on the third Wednesday of each month. This monthly link-up is a place for bloggers to share and write on a fun, light-hearted (or possibly heavy-hearted) topics.

Spring Break Dreams, Plans and Goals.

Well.. Umm… Spring break doesn’t apply to me! My children are homeschooled and my husband’s job in the Air Force doesn’t really revolve around weather and the only ‘seasonal’ thing that affect it is when the fiscal year ends.

But here we go.

I would love to travel on a cruise for a week. Doesn’t even matter where as long as it’s some place new!
Ideally (since we’re dreaming) it would be a Disney Cruise so we get to experience that at the same time. I hate sleeping on a cabin cruiser, so I wonder if I would like sleeping on a ship. It shouldn’t have the same lapping and rocking… right?!?!

Same old days. -sigh-
School work, chores, playing, eating, cleaning, maybe a playdate or three? Still dont’ have anything concrete planned.

I *need* to switch out the kids clothes to the next size up, all three are over-due for it! Eek!
Umm…. Maybe try some mommy&me yoga in the mornings, might help with our cabin fever up here in the land of ice and snow.

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Thanks for hosting Diana and Kiki!


A Military Spouse stationed in the middle of nowhere. Emma loves to cook for her family (while dodging dirty dishes). She is blessed to be a stay at home mom with 3 kiddos. She is passionate about cloth diapering, car seat safety, breastfeeding, homeschooling, frugal living, babywearing, and her Christian faith. More Molly Messy than Susie Homemaker, she has been trying to improve her housekeeping and related skills.

4 thoughts on “The Circle :: March 2016

  1. Hope you get to go on that dream Disney trip someday! Sounds like a great family vacation. 🙂 But I do hope you’ve had a great week so far and have a great weekend, too!

    1. Emma Author

      Thanks Kiki! I hope yours has been awesome (:
      It’s been an interesting week, warm (for Alaska, and then it snowed this morning!)


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