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Where’s the Party? Camping Birthday!

Where’s the Party? Camping Birthday!

Jam turns 5 today; OMG, how did that flipping happen?!? He is growing into such an amazing man, and I am so blessed to be able to watch him grow and change every day. đŸ˜„

Since we are about to move (YAY! FINALLY!!) We decided to skip the party this year (being 9 months preggo helps with that too, lol) and go camping! He’s never really been before so we are all super excited for it. Of course, since he’s the special guest, he gets to choose the meal on his actual day, and being a 5 year old boy, he wants cake and pizza, lol.

Camping Recipe Roundup | Emmmmerz.com

In honor of his first major camping trip here is a collection of camping friendly recipes for you to try out 😀




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One thought on “Where’s the Party? Camping Birthday!

  1. Ada Sims

    What a fun idea for a birthday party! They grow so fast, seems like only yesterday my little guy was just starting to crawl…now I can’t even keep up with him!


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