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Wild Women Wednesday :: Kara

Wild Women Wednesday :: Kara

Wild Women Wednesday is a monthly interview with amazing military mama bloggers. The goal is to connect more with the blogosphere and get to know more of my ‘coworkers’. Really build *my* community.

Our second installment features Kara; whom I met through a military blogger networking group on Facebook. Kara used to be the Green Mtn Girl (who I actually had followed some time ago! Small world) but has since evolved into The Hippy MilSpouse. While we haven’t met in person (and maybe never will) I do feel that Kara and I are supposed to be friends (CREEPER ALERT!) So I had a little bit of an ulterior motive when I asked to interview her.

#WWW :: Kara - Wild Woman Wednesday
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Imagine the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow; Where do you see yourself in five years?

A homestead in Vermont, with my horse, cats & shotgun at my side, and an ample supply of sage & holy water.
Zombie Protip: Headshots. Always headshots & shotguns are by far the best weapon. Or just call in the clerics to banish + expel undead and cast a protection from undead over your area, good for buffs and heals too.

Introduce us to your family please.

DH- My dear husband, gaming partner, reluctant horse-husband & Marine.
Snuggs aka Snuggin’ – My white and orange, long-haired, vocal, half Siamese lady cat – who loves me best.
Mr. Man aka Mr. Pants – My 15lb, 3 toothed, orange tiger boy cat – who loves DH best – and loves knocking things off tables.
Mud Pony aka My Little Man aka also Mr. Man – My horse, bay thoroughbred, gelding (who loves to roll in the mud and hates to get groomed and is not in fact small, I can barely see the top of his back).

Bohemian Elegance

What would be your ideal working/blogging environment?

A light filled office with a computer something like the Large Pixel Colider, it would have a view of my large garden & yards with the horse pastures out in the distance. My room would be filled with an eclectic collection of plants, boho type decorations, art supplies, and the walls covered with artwork by my favorite artists.
Something kinda like this… but more purple! —>

What is your favorite meal/recipe and what makes it special?

Pot roast. It’s my favorite, and I try to make it just like my Gramma does. I always paid close attention to how she made it and the gravy, so it’s always reminds me of her and my family when I make it. I WILL be sharing this on the blog at some point smile emoticon

Join The Paisley Hearts Club

What is your biggest blogging dream? both which came true and that is yet to come.

Biggest dream that’s come true is people who have told me what I wrote helped them in some way or resonated with them. I LOVE THAT! Makes it all worth while!
Biggest dream yet to come is to make money from my blog. Not much, but I’d love to be able to cover Mud Pony’s board every month at least. That’s my big current goal.

Tell us about a no good, horrible, terrible, awful day. What was something positive that came from it?

I got laid off. It was my first “real” office job. It was devastating to know that you could work hard for someone and they could let you go in an instant. What started out like any other day ended early with me cleaning out my desk and being escorted off site. I learned that day that no employer, ever, has your best interests at heart. You can work as hard as you can, but you have to look out for yourself and your own career and never take it for granted or stop working on it. It also taught me to be resilient, as a military spouse it wasn’t the last time I’d be let go of a job for reasons beyond my control (*cough* PCS’ing).

What inspired you to start your blog?

I wanted to share my story and speak to military spouses who might be going through the same things I was. I wanted to help them and to show them that not all military spouses are the same and we are a diverse bunch and those of us who have minority views (or at least feel like we do) have a voice and a place.

What do you do in your spare time?

Work on side projects & my business, go out and see Korea w/ DH, play video games and hang out on social media. If I’m with my animals (I’m not currently) I will be hanging out with them, or at the barn.

If a kid walked up to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

Everything happens for a reason, and Karma is patient. You’ll get out what you put in, but you may not realize any of this until much later. Even the smallest decisions can lead to great things.

Want to be interviewed?
Comment below, message me on social media, or email me and let me know !


A Military Spouse stationed in the middle of nowhere. Emma loves to cook for her family (while dodging dirty dishes). She is blessed to be a stay at home mom with 3 kiddos. She is passionate about cloth diapering, car seat safety, breastfeeding, homeschooling, frugal living, babywearing, and her Christian faith. More Molly Messy than Susie Homemaker, she has been trying to improve her housekeeping and related skills.

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