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Wild Women Wednesday :: Laura

Wild Women Wednesday :: Laura

Wild Women Wednesday is a monthly interview with amazing military mama bloggers. The goal is to connect more with the blogosphere and get to know more of my ‘coworkers’. Really build *my* community.

Meet Laura, a former inner city teacher, she is passionate about helping others earn money and helping them have a lifestyle business they love. She went from part-time freelancing to a six figure business in just 18 months. You can see her on the Huffington Post, Writer’s Weekly, and Business Insider. Laura left education and corporate America behind to work for herself in 2012 and has never looked back.

#WWW :: Laura - Wild Woman Wednesday
Laura Pennington is a freelance writer and virtual assistant. She can be found blogging with tips for other online entrepreneurs at www.sixfigurewritingsecrets.com and www.yourwaytova.com

If you could throw a parade of any caliber, what type of parade would it be and why?

I love watching dancers and especially tap dancers as this is something that was a really important part of my childhood and growing up. So I love seeing people who have experience with dancing whether it’s hip hop or Irish step dance or tap dance.

How long does it take you to scroll through Facebook before giving up?

One of the most powerful things that I did recently was to install a Chrome extension called “Kill the Newsfeed“. This really helped block me from being able to see my newsfeed at all. I still get notifications about people that I care about, and I still check in to the Facebook groups that I’m active in to collaborate with others, but I’m able to avoid all political status updates or depressing news that people are sharing on Facebook. I simply found that it was dragging way too much of my time and energy down so I blocked it completely and I’ve been better ever since.

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Where do you stand on green living and all that is associated with it?

I feel like as stewards of the earth, it’s our responsibility to take positive steps to protect this planet and to do everything that is possible in terms of green living. This doesn’t always mean that each person is going to make the same commitment but ultimately I hope that as a culture and as a world we can move closer towards respecting the place that we live.

Tell me something you have never told anyone else.

Honestly, sharing the information that I block the majority of my Facebook feed and don’t follow people at all unless it’s someone close to me is something I don’t really tell others. I use social media extensively for business but it doesn’t really help me do anything else in terms of my business and personal life. I love sharing things with friends and family but it’s also great not to have to see the kinds of Facebook posts that drag me down.

Name some of the bloggers you look up to and why?

I recently have really gotten to respect Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections. She has a lot of great information about podcasting and her customer service is well beyond what you would expect for someone who is handling that big of a business on their own. She has multiple touchpoints and that’s what ultimately convinced me to become a paying customer there. I also love Daniel DiPiazza of Rich20Something. He’s been a mentor to me but he gives away a lot of excellent information for free. Furthermore, I love the site byRegina because of her realistic approach towards life; and I’ve been following one of my original writing mentors, Yuwanda Black of Inkwell Editorial for years because she gives a lot of step by step advice for freelance writers. I taught myself to become a freelance writer completely through Yuwanda’s advice and my own trial and error.

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How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend would be my fiancé and he would describe me as someone who’s very driven and analytical who also has a very childlike side.

Tell us what motivates you?

One of the things that motivates me is that I know that I want to be able to homeschool my children in the future and be able to stay at home with them. During the days when I’m working really long hours to generate a passive income stream or to sell something and save money, this keeps me motivated when I’m otherwise exhausted.

What is something you wish all military spouses and dependents knew?

One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping military spouses and dependents obtain meaningful employment that can travel with them. As a freelance writer and virtual assistant, this has been something I’ve been able to reap the rewards of for a couple of years now. Around the base, employment markets tend to be oversaturated but building an online career and doing something that you love is really powerful but it also helps military spouses and their family members because they are constantly being uprooted and need a flexible schedule.

Thank you so much Laura; you are an inspiration to other bloggers with your drive and willingness to help others; I look forward to many big things for you!

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A Military Spouse stationed in the middle of nowhere. Emma loves to cook for her family (while dodging dirty dishes). She is blessed to be a stay at home mom with 3 kiddos. She is passionate about cloth diapering, car seat safety, breastfeeding, homeschooling, frugal living, babywearing, and her Christian faith. More Molly Messy than Susie Homemaker, she has been trying to improve her housekeeping and related skills.

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