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Wild Women Wednesday :: Kaley

Wild Women Wednesday :: Kaley

Wild Women Wednesday is a monthly interview with amazing military mama bloggers. The goal is to connect more with the blogosphere and get to know more of my ‘coworkers’. Really build *my* community.

Meet Kaley Taylor. She is from the Greater Seattle Area who blogs about her life as a new Air Force milso (military significant other) in hopes to help other couples understand the military life and strengthen relationships. She will one day pursue her PhD in neuroscience in hopes of going into research, but in the meantime she’s planning her wedding and the big move to Las Vegas with her diva kitty. Kaley is obsessed with Batman, Pink Floyd, and glitter (to her fiancé’s dismay).

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Love in The Air Force

If I gave you $40,000 to start a business, what would you start?

I’d obviously need to talk it over with my fiancé first, however I think we’d both agree that we would put it towards buying our favorite bowling alley. We love bowling and have so much fun doing it. It’s always been a hypothetical goal for the far future (like after retirement) for us. We’d have our friend Nick run the kitchen (he’s a professional chef anyways), our friend Blake manage the arcade since he’s a nerd, and our kids work the small jobs to give them real-life work experience.

What is your favorite thing about humanity?

I’ve always believed that gratitude and thankfulness are the best things in this world. Being a milso who is literally at this exact moment waiting for her Airman to return home from seven months of training, I always am incredibly moved by the love and appreciation you see in people’s eyes in military homecomings. The feelings are undoubtedly genuine because you can see how grateful they are that their loved one is home, is safe, is happy. You can’t fake thankfulness. It’s obvious.

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

Is it sad to say that I don’t think I really have one? LOL
There are things I’m proud of, but I don’t have a “crowning moment,” per se. Graduating college in three years, top 10% of my class, less than $6k of student loan debt is pretty cool. (#notsohumblebrag)

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If my family came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Something easy. I still consider myself a cooking n00b, and most of what I can make either comes from a box or are the simple videos from Buzzfeed’s Tasty. The quickest and easiest dish I can make (that I learned from Buzzfeed) is teriyaki rice and tofu (though they use chicken). It’s just some spring onions, garlic, protein of some kind (tofu, chicken, whatever you want really), rice noodles (I use white rice instead), and some teriyaki sauce (equal parts brown sugar and soy sauce). Takes maybe ten minutes if you don’t use meat.

What is something about your life as a military fiancée you want the world to know?

It feels like you’re holding your breath for an unGodly amount of time, and people still expect you to function as if everything is normal. How can you function normally without oxygen? How can you function normally without the support of your loved one away at BMT, in tech school, in deployment? Sure, you get used to holding your breath, but you’re dizzy, weak, and sick. You get used to being alone too, but it’s not a normal way of living, so to expect milsos to pick themselves up immediately and cope like nothing is happening is unrealistic and insensitive.

Would you consider yourself a ‘Good Christian’? Why or Why not?

I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “good Christian” since we’re all sinners striving to be more like Jesus. Saying there’s a “good Christian” implies an inequality in God’s children. There are those who are quite mature in their faith and others who are still adolescents. It’s a process, a journey, not a competition or race.

Assuming there is such a thing, though, I still wouldn’t consider myself a good one by any means. I go through regular seasons of being a practical atheist (living life like I don’t believe) or wishing I could be an atheist. I firmly believe in Jesus being the messiah is FACT, however I still struggle with submitting to Him and “dying to self,” which is why I routinely go through these painful cycles. My family isn’t religious by any means, but my fiancé and I want to dedicate ourselves more to God—not just for ourselves, but also for the good of our future family.

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What are your top 3 favorite blogs and why?

My three favorite blogs are Jo! My Gosh, A Semi-Delicate Balance, and NextGen Milspouse all for the same reasons: they’re personable, they’re creative, they have different experiences because they’re from different branches and different times in their lives. It’s a great variety with the same common thread of loving and supporting the military and mil-family communities.

Do you have any major goals left in 2016?

Mostly just get along with my future in-laws while I stay with them for a month while my Airman is home. There’s so much drama on both sides of our families right now that tension is palpable, but I’m hoping things can stay calm and civil.

How do you get yourself to focus on your todo list? (And if you can’t, what distracts you?)

Physically writing it down helps immensely. Typing it on my phone and setting reminders doesn’t help me because I can ignore those notifications. I take things written down on hard copies more seriously for some reason because they can’t be replicated as quickly. My laziness is my worst distraction for any type of list though.

How do you live green at home?

My dad makes all of our soaps. He has a very elaborate and meticulous process to get it to be the right formula for my super sensitive skin, but he really enjoys it (and I love the smells from the essential oils)! He also makes his own natural deodorant and candles. He’s trying to find other small ways to replace chemicals in our everyday lives and replace it with nature.

Thank you so much for your time Kaley, I look forward to being bloggy friends and following along on your journey.

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A Military Spouse stationed in the middle of nowhere. Emma loves to cook for her family (while dodging dirty dishes). She is blessed to be a stay at home mom with 3 kiddos. She is passionate about cloth diapering, car seat safety, breastfeeding, homeschooling, frugal living, babywearing, and her Christian faith. More Molly Messy than Susie Homemaker, she has been trying to improve her housekeeping and related skills.

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